VORTEX Fibre SDMT 5.0-14x30 Countersunk Head Class 3Coating



Vortex Fibre 5.0mm diameter-14 threads per inch x 30mm long screw class 3 coating. Countersunk Ribbed Head for 6-12mm sheeting

Vortex Fibre screws are for fastening non-compressed fibre cement boards to timber and steel up to 1.6mm thick.

Vortex Composite screws are universal screws engineered for fibre board applications.

The Class 3 corrosion protection system meets the requirements of ISO 9223 Category 3 (Outdoor application for mild and moderate environments).

AS 3566.2 (Self drilling screws for the building & construction industries) specifies the corrosion protection systems required on screw fasteners Classes 1, 2, 3 & 4 where Class 1 is intended for indoor application and Class 4 for environments up to and including ISO 9223 Category 4 (Severe industrial and severe marine environments).