Top Hat 22 x 0.42 x 6100



Top Hat - 22mm deep x 0.42 thick x 6100mm long

Easy to use and versatile, providing strength, lightness and rigidity, Top Hat 22 is a 22mm deep batten ideal for use as a ceiling batten for internal fixing of ceiling or wall liner.

  • The top flange has an embossed surface to make it easier for the plasterboard screws to grip
  • Nominal lapping will ensure continuity and straightness of fastener alignment
  • High strength, lightweight and won’t shrink, warp or twist

Top Hat 22 Ceiling Battens are made from TRUECORE® steel (aluminium/zinc alloy coated) complying with AS1397 G550, AM150 (550 MPa minimum yield stress, 150g/m2 minimum coating mass).

Also known as TOPSPAN® 22.