Foam Cell Resi Liner 1350mm x 60m Roll (456)



Foam Cell, by Sisalation®, is a reflective insulation incorporating a closed cell foam core encapsulated between an upper and lower layer of reflective foil laminate.  An anti-glare coating is applied to one side of the composite to reduce the level of glare experienced during installation. Foam Cell products incorporate a 150mm overlap along one side edge to maximise coverage, minimise wastage and allow for sealed edge protection to improve aesthetics in exposed applications.

Foam Cell Resi Liner is suitable for use as a residential roof and wall sarking membrane. Foam Cell RESI LINER provides excellent insulation properties as it reflects up to 95% of the sun’s radiant heat thereby allowing for cooler internal conditions. When installed correctly, Foam Cell RESI LINER also minimises the risk of condensation and will act as an effective water and vapour barrier.