Pink Batts Ceiling R6.0 1160x580x250 6PK (4.037 M2)



R6.0 Ceiling Batts are used to meet requirements for 6 star and beyond

The insulation material shall be Fletcher Insulation Pink® Wall Batts. R6.0 4.037m2 K/W 1160 x 580 x 250mm as manufactured by Fletcher Insulation.

Available in widths to suit standard timber wall and ceiling joist spacings of 450mm and 600mm.

Pink Batts® insulation features a next generation formula that provides a softer feel for more comfortable handling.

Pink Batts® insulation are made from lightweight, flexible and resilient glasswool, specially designed for the thermal insulation of ceilings and walls in domestic and commercial buildings. They have the added benefit of being an effective sound absorber and so contribute to both the thermal and acoustic comfort of building occupants

Pink Batts® Insulation is non-combustible, low allergen and are guaranteed to perform for the life of the home.