Permastop Building Blanket bonded to medium duty Sisalation R1.3 55mm x 15000 x 1200mm wide



Permastop® Building Blanket insulation features a next generation formula that provides a softer feel for more comfortable handling.

Permastop® Building Blanket is a high quality insulating product that features excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Permastop® Building Blanket is a glasswool insulation blanket faced on one side with Sisalation® reflective foil laminate that is non-permeable to moisture. A 150mm foil lap is provided on one side to allow the moisture barrier to be sealed. Permastop® Building Blanket is available in a wide range of Sisalation® foil facings.


STOP heating and cooling loss

Permastop® Building Blanket has the added benefit of providing homes with proven thermal insulation to give you energy savings and makes homes even more comfortable.

STOP excessive noise

Permastop® Building Blanket fixed directly under a metal roof is effective in reducing noise levels entering homes from rain, hail, aircraft and other outside noises.

STOP condensation in buildings

Permastop® Building Blanket incorporates Sisalation® reflective foil facing on one side. This combination acts as an effective barrier against condensation forming on the underside of metal roofs.